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Sattkaryottejak Sabha

The very name of this Sabha itself is explicit. It means an institution which gives inspiration to good and noble activity.
Following are its major objectives
1) To give fillip to such work or activity which is carried out in the interest of the society.
2) To stimulate patriotic feeling among the masses.
3) To inculcate national spirit in the society.
4) To enrich mother tounge -- Marathi.
5) To encourage self sacrificing attitude towards nation.
Shri Nanasaheb Deo - the very heart of Shree Samarth and coworkers did everything for the success of this Sabha.
Activities of Satkaryottejak Sabha
At the beginning the activities of Sabha were not manifold. They were restricted to such activities as celebration of Shiv Rajyabhishek Day, Ganesh and Dasara Festivals. Discussions and lectures of distinguished persons were arranged on these occasions. But soon the activities started gaining ground. Sabha started a school with a view to impart moral instructions. It also started an industrial School to cater the needs of the day. Law classes were also started.
Since 1903 Sabha has been doing lot of work in the field of publications. Prabodh monthly was published from 1906 for research papers on Bhagwat Cult. Maharashtra Granthmala Published the books on Maharashtra Culture. It started to publish Ramdas and Ramdasi Granthmala, then Ramdas and Ramdasi Masik Pustak. In the year 1916 it started to publish Etihas and Aitihasik Masik Pustak. After publishing 37 issues, the publication of Etihas and Aitihasik was stopped. Up to this time Sabha has published more than 150 books with more than 40000 pages on various subjects, most of them are reference books. More than hundred scholars including foreigners have taken advantage of these reference books and have done their work in Ph D. It has published more than 25000 copies of Shrimat Dasbodh and more than one lakh copies of Manache Shlok. Sabha also took lead in erecting Shri Samarth Mandir at Jamb – the very birthplace of Shri Ramdas. Rajwade Sanshodhan Mandal was also started by Nanasaheb Deo. It also formed Shri Samarth Sangh having country wide base. It also established an institution which is known as Shri Samarth Vagdevata Mandir at Dhule.

Name of Person Contact No. Puropse for contact
Prof. Dr. S.T. Joshi
+91 94222 89432
For Research
Shree.Uday Joshi
+91 94231 91706
For Digitization
02562-226 977
For Library
S. Joshi
+91 94208 50521
For General Purpose
Shree. Sharad Kuber Ramdasi
+91 98905 23690
For Ramayan Prakalpa
Prof. Dongare
+91 98902 86711
For Modi Translation
Dr. V. A. Chitale
For all activities of Satkaryottejak Sabha
Prof. V. Nakanekar
+91 94216 17595
For publication puropse
Prof. Dr. Vrunda Niphadkar
+91 84828 32836 / 02562-283887
For Activities of Bhartiya Vidya Sanshodhan Kendra
Shri. Anil Sathye
+91 94235 28046
For Sabha Library
Sou. Veena Bhandari
For Office Acitvities

For Donation to Satkarottejak Sabha
Name of Bank - Bank of Baroda, Ramwadi Branch, Dhule
Account Name - Satkarottejak Sabha
Account No.- 18740100009275
Account Name - Shree Samartha Vagdevata Mandir
Account No.- 18740100010355
Contact Person for Transaction - Sou. Veena Bhandari - Ph. No.-02562-236287